Modern dorm life at umeus amager

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Dreaming of a lively and social dorm environment that also offers luxurious rooms and modern amenities? Then UMEUS Amager is a great choice for you!

UMEUS Amager is more than just a place to live; it’s a community where dorm mates come together and memories are made. With 19 communal kitchens, each housing between 14-21 residents, there’s always a lively atmosphere and a sense of community.

SU-friendly rent and modern dorm life

The dormitories at UMEUS Amager are designed to meet the needs of modern students. The idea is to make it easy, luxurious, and convenient, so there are ‘studios’ (1-bedroom apartments) of various sizes and layouts with SU-friendly rent starting from 5,900 DKK per month.

All studios have bright and modern living spaces and come furnished with a bed, desk, and chair. However, there’s still the opportunity to add your personal touch and create a home that’s unique to you, with smart, movable shelf solutions that allow you to create the look and functionality that’s important to you. Additionally, all studios have their own bathroom and kitchenette with a sink and kitchen fan. All residents belong to shared kitchens, where the dorm mates can meet up for breakfast, dinner and social gatherings. You can read more about UMEUS Amager’s studios on the dorm’s own page here.

UMEUS Amager is more than just modern dorm rooms; the dormitory also features a rooftop terrace, laundry facilities, and a cozy lounge area where dorm mates can meet for a chat over a cup of coffee. Additionally, the dormitory has its own study hall and several group rooms, so studies can be prioritized; perfect facilities for modern dorm life!

The Dorm Community and Ideal Settings

As a student, you can sometimes feel like you’re really far from home, and that’s where the social dorm life can be truly invaluable! At UMEUS Amager, the social life is celebrated with a wide range of events, from Thursday bars to communal dinners, giving you the opportunity to connect with your dorm mates – both those belonging to your kitchen and across kitchens!

In other words, there are ample opportunities to cultivate the close community that dorm life is known for. Dorm mates can, for example, meet for coffee in the lounge area on the ground floor, enjoy refreshments on one of the balconies or the rooftop terrace, or come together for communal cooking and dinner in the kitchen.

Umeus Amager consists of 336 studios of various sizes, with SU-friendly rent starting from 5,900 DKK/month.

Applications Now Open

With your very own studio for 5,900 DKK/month and the prospect of a life with a shared rooftop terrace and plenty of dormitory camaraderie, Umeus Amager is a popular choice for many students.

Fortunately, there are currently available studios, so if you think Umeus Amager is right for you, the application process is also straightforward: Simply fill out the application form and write a motivated application that demonstrates your enthusiasm for becoming part of the community.

At Umeus Amager, diversity is valued, and the dormitory prioritizes an inclusive environment, with students from various fields of study, across genders, nationalities, and ages.

Discover everything Umeus Amager has to offer, including a variety of studios and a virtual dorm tour, by clicking the button below.

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We refer to a page outside of You can follow the link to the application site, where you can find more information and apply directly to the dormitory.


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