Ultimate Guide – Student Housing Copenhagen

Discovering suitable student housing Copenhagen can pose a significant challenge, especially since university dormitories are not provided by the universities themselves. As a student, navigating the process of finding student accommodation in Copenhagen becomes an independent endeavor, requiring insight into where, when, and how to apply—applicable to both exchange students and national students alike.

At Kbh-Kollegier.dk, we’ve amassed a comprehensive database comprising over 35,000 student housing Copenhagen options. This diverse selection includes residence halls, studios, student apartments, and accommodations tailored to meet various preferences and needs.

With a membership to Kbh-Kollegier.dk, you gain exclusive access to our information about available housing, market insights, and practical tools. Our advanced search tool and accommodation guides are designed to streamline your housing search, ensuring a smoother experience for students embarking on this crucial journey.

Start you search for student housing in Copenhagen armed with valuable advice from Kbh-Kollegier. Let us guide you through the process, offering insights and tips to enhance your search and increase your chances of securing the ideal accommodation.

1: Find Student Housing With Research

Begin your search by identifying the neighborhood where you’d prefer to live. While there are numerous student housing opportunities scattered throughout Copenhagen, the housing market could benefit from increased transparency. At Kbh-Kollegier, we offer a comprehensive overview of the various student housing options, helping you navigate the choices available. Use our dormitory map to discover the city and its housing options.

2: Register For Student Accommodation Waiting Lists

While the waiting lists at major property management companies for student apartments can be lengthy, it’s advisable to take the initiative and add your name to these lists. When joining a waiting list for student apartments, carefully consider the application criteria, such as those related to your enrolled educational program and institution. Despite the often extended waiting periods, there is a continuous turnover in a student apartment, as occupants typically vacate (most) student accommodations upon completing their education. Seize the opportunity to secure a student apartment by navigating the waiting lists with a strategic approach. Be a aware of many different waiting lists. At kbh-kollegier.dk we help you find the place to register each student accommodation. 

3: Improve Your Chances By Writing An Application Letter For Student Housing Copenhagen

Explore 46 student apartments in Copenhagen and surrounding areas that are currently open for rental applications. Our expertise highlights that the rental application letter plays a pivotal role in shaping your prospects of securing a student accommodation in Copenhagen. A thoughtfully crafted cover letter can significantly elevate your position on the waiting list and, in certain instances, promptly secure you a students apartment or dormitory in Copenhagen. Harness the power of a well-written motivated cover letter to enhance your chances of obtaining the ideal student apartment.

4. Apply At Private Student Accommodation And Private Halls Of Residences In Copenhagen


In Copenhagen, there are 69 private student accommodation facilities, including student residence halls and apartments. These student accommodation Copenhagen options may pique your interest. Private student housing apartments, in particular, tend to have lower visibility in marketing, are less widely recognized, and handle rental applications independently, resulting in a considerably lower volume of applications. This makes them a favorable choice for those seeking to rent a student apartment in Copenhagen.

Successfully navigating the application process for these housing departments can often lead to a reduced waiting time, sometimes just a matter of months. The application process, notably supported by a well-crafted rental application letter, plays a crucial role in this regard. As a member of Kbh-Kollegier.dk, you gain access to an overview of private student accommodation departments in Copenhagen and information on student housing departments currently accepting rental application letters. This comprehensive resource can greatly aid you in your quest for suitable student accommodation in the city.

Available Student Accommodations
And Studio Apartments In Copenhagen

Vacant Student Apartments in Lyngby

Here you will find 160 modern student apartments in the heart of the picturesque city of Lyngby! Close to shopping, public transportation directly to Copenhagen and green areas, not much is to be missed when living in this area. …



The Copenhagen market for student housing is characterized by a general shortage. However, in recent years, many new student housing units have been built, and even more, are on the way. This means that it will be easier to find dorms in Copenhagen. Often, it is easier to find accommodation at the newer student housing departments. These departments are often managing the applications themselves, and often provide information about vacant apartments or rooms, which in many cases can be booked directly on their website (without a waiting list). Many of those are prices above average, but might be a good solution for those with a limited possibilities, a solid economy or just in urgent need of a room to rent i Copenhagen.

See available rooms now >>

The average rental period for the newer rooms or student apartments in Copenhagen are often shorter, and this is alleged because some have relatively high rent. Despite the high rent, the newer student residences are often a good temporary solution until a cheaper alternative can be found. However, it is possible to find very cheap student apartment, studios and dormitory, e.g. in Frederiksberg – for example you can stay for DKK 3,000/month in “Delehusene” – a new concept where students and refugees live side by side.

The many different student housing opportunities and concepts, and not least the number of students departments, make it difficult to find your way around the market and know where to look to find the right vacant student housing Copenhagen. At Kbh-Kollegier.dk, we, therefore, make sure to inform you whenever there is vacant studenthousing and are continuously updating the front page of Kbh-Kollegier.dk with vacant studenthousing opportunities. We do this to make it easier for you to find a accommodation or dorm in Copenhagen. We also collect all news about vacant student housing and application deadlines for both dormitories, hall of residences and studio apartments in Copenhagen here.

As a member, you also have the opportunity to filter the housing types on our website according to your needs. Here you can choose between housing criteria such as your own kitchenette, bathroom, as well as how many rooms you want and much more. In this way, you will only be presented with the housings that are relevant to you, so that you can find the right housing in Copenhagen.

Affordable Dorms In Copenhagen

Although especially many of the new student housings in Copenhagen have high monthly rent, there are still many cheap alternatives.
A new survey conducted by Kbh-Kollegier.dk in 2020, revealed that there are 11,622 studio flats with a maximum monthly rent of DKK 3,500.
The survey is based on a total of 22,841 student housings, divided between 230 housing departments. In the inner city of Copenhagen (Copenhagen K), for example, 10 student residence halls rent out dorm rooms for less than DKK 2,000 per month. These are, for example, Elers Kollegium, Borchs Kollegium and Valkendorf Kollegiet. The danish word for dorms is “Kollegium”.

This is in stark contrast to Boligportalen’s rent survey from 2019, which revealed that average rent for a room in Copenhagen is DKK 5,946 per month (Source: Boligportalen.dk). This suggests that it pays to rent a dorm room at a student residence hall or a student apartment, instead of renting a room from a private person. You can read more about our rent survey here.

Check our guide about student housing options in Copenhagen.


When Can I Apply For Student Accommodation?

It differs between the housing department. At some housing departments, you can sign up at 15 and move in when you are 18 years old. At other housing departments, you can apply around 3-6 months before the expected start of your studies. It varies a lot, and therefore you must familiarize yourself with the application criteria of the individual housing departments.

How Do I Apply For A Student Apartment In Copenhagen?

There are three ways to apply for student accommodation: 1) The traditional waiting list, where you will be one out of many! 2) Some dorms and studio accept rental application letters, where you have the opportunity to influence the allocation of rentals through your application. Many of these are a private halls of residence 3) There are also several housing departments in Copenhagen, which often have vacant rentals that you can book online.

How Do I Find Student Accommodation In Copenhagen?

It is a good idea to sign up for different student housing waiting lists – both at the larger property management companies and at the lesser-known ones, for instance, the private housing departments. In addition, spend some time preparing rental application letters for the housing departments accepting these.

How Do I Qualify For A Student House?

Generally, you are eligible to apply for a student house in Copenhagen when you are already studying in Denmark (often required to be Copenhagen or surroundings), or shortly before the expected start of your studies in Denmark. You can often apply three months before expected start.

What Is The Definition Of Student Accommodation In Denmark?

Student housing, dormitory, studio or a student accommodation is exclusively for students. Often it is for younger students with age limit of 30 years. 

What Is The Difference Between Youth Housing and Student Housing?

Traditional youth housing is for young people in a certain age group for example young professionals, while a student house is exclusively for young people in education. However, some youth housing units only accept students. You can find everything from a student apartment and dorm room to studio apartments in Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen, dormitories, or student residences, are typically based on a strong social community. These dorms are designed to provide students with a supportive and engaging living environment while they pursue their studies.

Can I Get A Dorm In Copenhagen As An Apprentice?

Yes, there are many dorms in Copenhagen and student housing departments accepting apprentices. However, there may be requirements for a minimum number of weekly work/study hours, just as your income must often be of a SU-like nature. As a member of Kbh-Kollegier.dk you can choose “Apprentice” as education in our filtering system and find 166 housing departments that accept apprentices.

What does Copenhagen Kollegium mean?

“Copenhagen Kollegium” is a term used in Denmark to refer to a specific type of student housing or dormitory. In Denmark, a “kollegium” is a residential community primarily designed for students.

What is a student house in Copenhagen?

A student house comes in many shapes such as a studio, studio apartment, dorm room, shared apartment etc. However new studenthousing in Copenhagen are often a unit comprising a great number of student apartments. The unit functions as a residence hall with common facilities, such as a cellar for bicycles, common rooms, and communal laundry. Therefore, it has gradually become a grey area when a home for students is called a studio, hall of residence, dormitory or a student apartment. It can be difficult to understand the difference, and in reality, it often does not make sense at all to refer to them as two different forms of housing. 

Most of the housings are usually built with their own toilet, bathroom, and kitchenette. Are you interested in finding student housing? Sign up today and get an overview of the market and choose your new dorm room or student apartment in Copenhagen. If you are looking at studio apartments in Copenhagen you might often find available studios here.


The container homes at Refshaleøen have for a long time been among the most popular choices of student housing in Copenhagen. In 2020 this modular studenthousing department expanded with even more container homes at Vesterbro, and in september 2022 a whole new unit of container homes  open at Amager. So, if you are not just looking for student apartment in Copenhagen, but a cosy and very special home in green surroundings, this may be a good option for you.


In 2017, the first 88 student apartments of a total of 2,500 planned modular apartments for students in Copenhagen opened. This housing department is called CPH Village, and all the construction projects are based on social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The first modular homes were built in containers by the water on Refshaleøen and house 164 students. Already in the autumn of 2020, the next modular homes built in wood, opened in a green area at Vesterbro, housing 184 students. In 2021, another village of modular homes is expected to open at Amagerbro.

Container homes for students on Refshaleøen

The student apartments on Refshaleøen come with a private kitchen, while the bathroom must be shared with one other person. The container apartments are located next to the water together with several houseboats, and therefore several apartments have a view of iconic buildings such as The Royal Danish Opera, The Esplanade, and the Marble Church by Amalienborg (see the picture below). Reffen – Copenhagen Street food (the former Papirøen) is also close by.

The rent for a home in the container village is approximately DKK 4,400 for 20 square meters, incl. utilities. It is possible to apply for housing benefits.

Application rules

To be eligible to apply for housing in the container village, you must meet certain conditions. You must have one year left of your studies in Denmark. In addition, you must be admitted to a SU-approved education, an education program for students with special needs, or a Production School.

When selecting new residents, the housing departments strive for diversity and community. Therefore, new residents are, among others, selected based on their background, their interests, and their motivation for contributing to the community. You need to consider this when writing your application.

We link to a page separate from kbh-kollegier.dk. At kbh-kollegier.dk we share information about available residences and booking deadlines collected online. We do this to give you the best overview of student housing Copenhagen and save you time. We link you to the application page, where you will find more information.



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