Nido Bryggen

Student Housing as you have never seen before

In September 2022 Nido Bryggen launched nearly 400 new student apartments in Islands Brygge, one of Copenhagen’s most popular areas.
Copenhagen, being the capital of Denmark, is swarming with students, both local and international, and finding a place to live as a student can be a tricky experience.
It doesn’t have to be, though, at least not if you ask Nido Bryggen. At Nido booking a place to live is as easy as booking a hotel room.

Not only is Nido Bryggen bringing a new view on things when it comes to how you apply for housing, they also cast new light on how the experience of student housing can be. Here the rooms are designed to match the lifestyle of modern students, with superspeed WiFi for up to 6 separate devices per apartment and power outlets by the bedside, desk, kitchen, in the bathroom – even by the mirror so your styling can go smoothly. Power outlets and WiFi are symbolic of the many thoughts behind even the smallest details.
If you are to live small, it better be super-functional. With storage space under the bed, above the desk and at otherwise often wasted space, every inch of the room is thought of and particularly planned for best use. Here you won’t find the broom cupboard-sized bathrooms of Copenhagen, the bathroom is spacious with a separate shower and some apartments even include a washer and dryer!

Nido Living

Scandinavian design and intelligent solutions

Nido Bryggen is the newest member of the Nido family. With housings in cities like Dublin, Berlin and Lisbon, Nido knows what to provide to make student living a smooth experience. There are however no “standard solutions”, every city has its own vibe and Nido seeks to mirror just that. Nido Bryggen is for instance decorated with Scandinavian furniture and décor-brands, as well as the design team has focused on the Scandi-cool-vibe, bringing in materials such as light wood and traditional scandinavian colours such as beige and light grey. The goal is to make Nido Bryggen a safe and warm experience and by bringing in Scandinavian design icons, the designers achieve the goal of well-known and comfy for anyone born into the Scandinavian design tradition, all done in a modern and stylish way.

Apart from respecting the Scandinavian design-culture, Nido Bryggen has given it a fair bit of thought as to include many practical solutions for its residents.
The reception and the administrators are based in the building, which means the residents can get help when for instance losing their keys or other inconveniences. The reception also handles post and packages. Throughout the year Nido arranges everything from cook-along events to yoga-workshops which can be booked through Nido’s very own app!

Nido student apartments

Nido Bryggen has 390 student apartments, designed in modern scandinavian style and with top-of-the-market facilities.

Nido Living - Community and wellbeing

Nido Living

Nido Living means focusing on community and wellbeing. Living at Nido Bryggen means you don’t have to leave the building for exercise, studying or socialising.
You will find a well-equipped gym, a yoga- and wellness room, study rooms, gaming room, a small movie-theatre and even a small café-area. There are also communal kitchens on each floor and the residents can even book the private kitchen and dining room for events. As for practicality, Nido Bryggen has its very own laundry facilities and the residents can even book cleaning of their own rooms. Nido Bryggen even has multiple rooftop-terraces in different levels on top of the building with the most beautiful view of Copenhagen.

All in all, Nido Bryggen has added a whole new level to student housing in Copenhagen. The people behind Nido Bryggen know and understand the challenges of having to juggle exams, jobs and other obligations hanging heavily over many student and provide them with a base filled to the brim with homey-cosy vibes and top-tier practical solutions.
Whether the residents want to kick back in the gameroom, workout, host private dinners or enjoy the long summer nights on the rooftop terrasse, Nido Bryggen has it all.

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