Motivated dormitory application

- What is it and what should it say?

What is a motivated application?

A motivated dormitory application often provides the opportunity to write about who you are and why you should be allocated a dormitory room. The applications are typically read and evaluated by a dormitory committee, where the best applications are given an advantage on the dormitory waiting list, moved up significantly on the list, or assigned a room shortly after the application.

Why create a motivated cover letter?

Through a well-crafted motivated dormitory application, you have the opportunity to be assigned a room within a relatively short period of time. In contrast, the traditional waiting lists maintained by administrative companies are often very long (often spanning several years for popular dormitories). Motivated applications allow you to bypass the traditional lengthy waiting lists and potentially be assigned a room shortly after submitting your application – provided that your application is strong.

This way, you have the chance to actively pursue the allocation of a dormitory room, and we always encourage you as a dormitory applicant to take advantage of this opportunity.

What should I write in my motivated application?

There are, of course, a number of requirements and formalities you should always make sure you’re aware of before you start writing your cover letter. For example, some colleges have set application templates that simply need to be filled out and they expect nothing more or less. Other colleges, however, ask you to get creative when designing your application. Egmont Kollegiet and Rigshospitalets Kollegium are some of the most well-known colleges when it comes to creative and innovative college applications. For example, there was an applicant who, in the third application attempt, made a script about himself and managed to get into Rigshospitalets Kollegium. Another creative example involves an applicant’s vision to work towards a Ferris wheel on the roof of Rigshospitalet Kollegium. He included drawings of the Ferris wheel in his application and ended up being admitted to the dormitory. Unfortunately, Rigshospitalets Kollegium no longer accepts motivated applications, but instead has a regular waiting list that you can sign up for.If you’re not the creative type, don’t be afraid to send a motivated application. It is rare that applications are measured solely on creativity. Your writing skills on the application forms also play a role.


Before embarking on a motivated application, you must first ensure that your education matches the rules of the college for the allocation of dormitory rooms. Some colleges only accept students with a higher education degree, while others only accept students from specific universities or study programs, and some admit only female students. Regardless of the duration of your education or the institution you attend, there are colleges available for all types of students. As a member of, you simply need to enter your educational institution (CBS, KU, DTU, Niels Brock, Metropol, etc.) and then you will find the colleges that you are eligible to apply to.

Once you have found the colleges that you are eligible to apply to, you need to investigate the application process and determine who will evaluate your application. In most cases, existing residents from a selection committee assess the motivated applications. Knowing who evaluates the applications will also inform you about the person or entity to whom you should address your application, and you can tailor the content accordingly.


If your motivated application is reviewed by current dormitory residents, your willingness to contribute to the dormitory’s social community is often crucial. In your application, you should focus on what you can bring to make the dormitory an even better place to live. The residents who assess your application dedicate many volunteer hours to the dormitory and aim to enhance the social life, which requires engaged residents. Perhaps you have a vision to start a new committee at the dormitory, organize movie nights, create a cooking club, or something entirely different. The fact is that most dormitories rely on the efforts of dedicated individuals, and it requires passionate individuals to make it happen.

Existing dormitory residents do not wish to allocate a room to an applicant who isolates themselves and rarely participates in social activities. If you do not wish to actively engage in the dormitory’s activities, you should seriously consider whether dormitory life is suitable for you, and you should reconsider whether you should submit a motivated dormitory application.

Alternatively, you can join waiting lists for dormitories that offer rooms/apartments with private kitchens. These accommodations often have a less social environment as residents can choose when and how much they engage in communal areas and social activities.

You can keep an eye on available dormitory rooms on our homepage, where we regularly update information on application deadlines, vacancies, and more

Avoid the long waiting lists and get started with motivated applications. As a member, you can find 46 dormitories that accept motivated applications.

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