studio apartments in popular ØSTERBRO

If you are on the look-out for studio apartments Copenhagen area-wise, these studios in Østerbro are worth a look!
The studios are for students, expats and young professionals and can be booked as easily as you would a hotel room.

The Studios
The apartments can be booked for a period of 6 months to 3 years, and there is a reception- and lounge area, which participates to the Boutique Hotel-vibe of these student apartments.
These studios range from 27 square metres and all contain a private bathroom and a modern kitchenette. The rent starts at 7.000 kroner per month and some apartments come furnished. 

The area
The studios are placed in lovely Østerbro, close to green areas such as the populær Fælledparken and close to Vibenhus Runddel where you will find a metro station.
Østerbro is a modern area close to central Copenhagen, where you will find a selection of cafées, restaurants and shops. 
When looking for a studio apartment Copenhagen has different areas to look into. If you like your sorroundings to be stylish and peaceful, yet city-adjacent, Østerbro can be a very good solution.

Book the studios 
The studios can be booked for 6 months to 3 years and are booked online, where you will also find an overview of available studios.
You can contact the studio administrator for a tour or information on the different studio apartments.

We link to a page separate from At we share information about available recidences and booking deadlines collected online. We do this to give you the best overview and save you time. We link you to the application page, where you will find more information.

The 6 floor building consists of 165 studios which are all designed in a warehouse-inspired look with large windows which let in lots of light from the outside. 

The apartments are all created in a modern style with high quality materials and residents also have access to shared facilities such as lounge areas, rooftop terrasse and dining rooms that can be booked for private dinners or meetings.

Studio apartments Copenhagen – how to get one and is it really that difficult?

Copenhagen is a popular city and for the past few years a significant increase in expats and exchange students makes the market for studio apartments boom. There are now various solutions but how does one even begin to search for studio apartments Copenhagen -style, in a city one has perhaps never visited before, and is it really as difficult as rumour has it?

As with many other aspects of life information is an important factor here, so be sure to make it a priority to collect as much information as possible to be able to make choices that are right for you, regarding everything from location to pricing. A membership to kbh-kollegier could be a tremendous help, since members have access to important information on how and where to apply and a general overview of studio apartments for international students, expats etc.

If you are searching for a studio apartment Copenhagen has you covered

When going on exchange or working for a few months to a year in another country, chances are you are not looking for a giant living-space, since you will most likely spend a lot of your time out of the house.

Many exchange students and expats report being out a lot, whether for work, studying or social events and it therefore makes perfect sense to look for a studio apartment Copenhagen size, rather than a larger living situation.

Copenhagen, being a very popular city, has of course tried to keep up with the added attention and many builders have worked tirelessly to meet the demands for studio apartments Copenhagen based, or in the areas close to the dazzling Danish capitol.

Studio apartment for rent Copenhagen

… and ‘search’! We wish it was that easy. But it does need a little more than that. While we do believe in the occasional search-engine magic, it often takes a good deal of work to find a studio apartment for rent Copenhagen area-wise.

Copenhagen is, as mentioned before, a popular city with its many historical buildings and neighbourhoods, modern education-centres, cool companies, and bountiful city-life so finding billboards with “studio for rent Copenhagen” – as dreamy as it would be – is unfortunately unrealistic. Help can be found, however, so fear not.

As a member of kbh-kollegier students and expats can access information on how to rent studio apartment Copenhagen -adjacent, or even in the city centre or in the popular so-called “Bridge-neighbourhoods”, implying the neighbourboods Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Amagerbro (or Sønderbro, as it was previously named).

If you want to use the search tool here to search for studios in a specific neighbourhood, a membership gives you full access. Information is also accessible on where to apply, pricing and much more.

available rooms and application deadlines

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Available Housing at Nørrebro

These modern and newly renovated dormitory accommodations are located right by Nørrebros Runddel. There are 1-bedroom apartments as well as larger units available, and there is also the option to move in as a couple….


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