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Let your creativity flourish at The Mark, a student residence where you will find many workshop areas including a clay workshop and a carpentry workshop, where you can transform recycled materials into useful objects. Actually, a lot of the furniture at The Mark is made in their own workshops!

This residence aims to be much more than just a place to stay – this is your home.
There is a high social vibe, so whenever you feel like leaving your room and joining a game of ping-pong or cooking a lovely meal along with others in the communal kitchen, you won’t have to look far for a friendly fellow resident. The residents often arrange dorm dinners and other social gatherings such as Music Bingo and Boardgame-night.

The rooms
The Mark has many different rooms, in two categories. There are single rooms from 26 square meters called ‘Minimalistic Lizzy’ which can be rented from 5.900 kroner per month and the larger ‘Maximal Bobby’ double rooms from 35 square meters which cost from 8.600 kroner per month.

All rooms have a private bathroom and are furnished with a bedframe, shelving system with a closet, and have a kitchenette with a fridge, a range hood, and a two-burner stovetop. 
‘Lizzie’-rooms have a bedframe for either a 90 x 200 or 120 x 200 size mattress and the ‘Bobby’-rooms are equipped with either two bedframes for 90 x 200 size mattresses or one larger bedframe for a 140 x 200 sized mattress. 

The facilities
The many workshops are a rare luxury that all the residents can use whenever they feel the urge to be artsy by painting a picture, crafting a clay piece, or who knows, maybe fixing their bike. The workshop managers are always on site and happy to guide and help.

There is also a well-equipped gym, lounge area, and common room where the residents can challenge each other in a game of billiards, darts, or foosball.

You can apply for a room online, or book a personal online tour when it suits you, attend one of the Open House events where you can see the premises and the rooms, meet your future fellow residents and feel the vibe of this creative residence.

We link to a page separate from At we share information about available recidences and booking deadlines collected online. We do this to give you the best overview and save you time. We link you to the application page, where you will find more information.
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The Mark - kreativt kollegie med fokus på fællesskab
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