Available dormitory rooms for 3,120 DKK/month

This dormitory does not use waiting lists. However, if your motivated application is strong, you may be assigned a room immediately.

There are currently available rooms and therefore open for applications.

Therefore, there are better chances than usual to be assigned one of these affordable dormitory rooms located in Herlev.

The motivated application gives you the opportunity to actively influence your chances of getting a dormitory room. It is the residents themselves who read the applications and allocate available rooms for this dormitory.

It is a relatively newly renovated dormitory (since 2013) with a monthly rent of only 3,120 DKK/month including water, heating, internet, electricity, and a contribution to the dormitory association. Rooms have private bathrooms and entrances.

The dormitory offers several great shared facilities. There is a fitness room available for free use, so you can save on a fitness membership. The kitchens are designed with a focus on social community, and with a bar in the basement, there are also plenty of opportunities for cozy social events after study hours. There is also a hobby room in the basement where you can play table tennis and repair bicycles.

With only 20 meters to the nearest S-train station, you can reach Copenhagen Central Station in just 18 minutes. Within walking distance of the dormitory, you will also find a shopping center, several restaurants, a fitness center, and much more.

To be eligible to apply for a room in the dormitory, you must be a student enrolled in an education program that qualifies for State Education Support (SU). Studies with a minimum of 20 weekly hours and are unpaid, as well as vocational education programs (EUD), are also permitted.

To apply, you need to fill out an application form and also prepare a motivated application. If you are not yet a student, you can still apply if it is likely at the time of application that you will be admitted to the program.

This post is made in collaboration with the dormitory.

We refer to a page outside of kbh-kollegier.dk. At kbh-kollegier.dk, we collect available dormitory accommodations and application deadlines from the internet. We do this to provide you with the best overview so you can save time. We provide a link to the application site where you can find more information and apply for the dormitory directly.
Kollegie tager imod motiverede ansøgninger

available rooms and application deadlines

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Introductory package

Try 3 days for only 44 DKK.

*Renewed automatically every 14 days for 149 DKK.You can cancel your membership at any time.

Intermediate Package

14 days for 185 DKK

*Auto renewal every 14 dag for 144 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.

The Large Package

4 weeks for 249 DKK

*The membership will renew every 4 weeks for 219 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.