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East of Copenhagen’s canals lies Amager. Amager is Denmark’s most densely populated island, connected to Zealand by 4 bridges and home to 72 different dormitories. If you’re looking for a dormitory in Amager, there are many great options. As a member of you can easily find a dormitory in Amager and compare the options.

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Number of dorms: 72
Price level: Medium
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Popular areas on Amager

Islands Brygge

Along Copenhagen’s canal is Islands Brygge with its newly constructed buildings, cafés and pubs.

In the summer, the harbor baths are the center of bathers and outdoor activities that bring together locals and residents from the rest of Copenhagen.

With Amager Fælled as a neighbor, you’re not far from unique nature and animal experiences.


Connected to Zealand by Langebro and Knippelsbro, Christianshavn is a charming neighborhood characterized by the canals that flow through the old town.

Here you’ll find the small community of Christiania, where nature has been allowed to flourish and is a draw for locals and tourists alike when the summer sun breaks out.

There is a dormitory in central Christianshavn. Read more about student housing on Amager.


Amagerbrogade is the main artery to the rest of Amager, and the street is of course filled with cafés and shops. Along the road will be Amagercentret and Amager BIO, where concerts are often held.

One of the largest green areas on Amager, besides Amager Fælled, is Kløvermarken. Here you’ll find a myriad of soccer fields that are used by Copenhageners from all parts of the city.

Amager Strandpark

Less than 20 minutes by bike from Strøget is Amager Strandpark. A sandy beach and an area reminiscent of California’s endless boardwalks. There are views across the Øresund Bridge to Sweden. If you live in a dormitory in Amager, Amager Strandpark is obviously worth a visit.

The harbor bath at Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge’s harbor baths are a gathering point for Copenhageners from all parts of the city and host a wide range of outdoor activities during the summer months.


An area with charming colorful buildings, canals running along the cobblestone streets, and the characteristic houseboats that line the canal all year round.

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