Available apartments at Nørrebro

About the youth accommodations
In true New York style, you can now live in these completely renovated modern apartments centrally located in Nørrebro. Characteristic of the apartments is that they all have high ceilings and have undergone significant renovation in recent years. Despite the renovation, the building is an old factory building and therefore carries a good deal of charm, soul, and authenticity.

The apartments span from the 1st to the 4th floor, where all residents have access to a large communal rooftop terrace, laundry room, and a strong sense of community.

The apartments have an open floor plan with a loft to maximize the use of space.

In addition to the communal rooftop terrace and laundry room, all apartments have their own kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is installed in a kitchen-dining area with quality-conscious and modern materials. Furthermore, there are large windows that bring in ample light and life into the apartments. The window sills are also convenient to use as seating or for storage purposes.

Available accommodations
There are currently one available accommodation with one room, with a rent at 9.300 DKK/month. Housing assistance can be applied for these accommodations. Move in date: 6st of august, 2024.

To apply for these accommodations, you either need to book a viewing or attend an open house event. After the viewing or open house, you can immediately reserve a unit.

We refer to a page outside of kbh-kollegier.dk. At kbh-kollegier.dk, we gather available dormitory apartments and application deadlines from the internet. We do this to provide you with the best overview so you can save time. We link to the application site where you can find more information and apply for the dormitory directly.
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Available Rooms and Application Deadlines

(for members only)

Introductory package

3 days for 44 DKK.

*Auto renewal every 14 days for 149 DKK.
Cancel your membership at any time.

Intermediate Package

14 days for 185 DKK

*Auto renewal every 14 days for 144 DKK.
Cancel your membership at any time.

The Large Package

4 weeks for 249 DKK

*Auto renewal every 4 weeks for 219 DKK.
Cancel your membership at any time.