Dormitories in Nørrebro

Nørrebro is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Copenhagen. It’s packed with local shops, bars, eateries and cultural life. Nørrebro is particularly popular with young people and students, and the neighborhood also houses 32 halls of residence. New halls of residence and student housing are constantly sprouting up in the popular district. If you’re looking for a dormitory in Nørrebro, there are many great opportunities to sign up for a waiting list, apply to independent dormitories, or write motivated applications. As a member of, you can easily find your dormitory options in Nørrebro.

Facts about Nørrebro
Number of dormitories: 32
Price level: Medium
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Educational institutions in Nørrebro

A selection of halls of residence in Nørrebro

Popular areas in Nørrebro

Sankt Hans Torv

Sankt Hans Torv is also known as “little Aarhus” and consists of a larger square that is used during the street party, Distortion. In addition, there are great shopping and dining options via Elmegade, which continues onto the vibrant Nørrebrogade.
There are also several nightclubs in the area and the lakes are a stone’s throw from the square.

Nørrebro's Roundabout

Nørrebros Runddel is located in the heart of Nørrebro at the intersection of Jagtvej and Nørrebrogade. A few addresses away is Jagtvej 69, where the old youth center was located. Nørrebros Runddel has a special historical significance, but today it is a traffic hub filled with shops, cafés and a metro station.

Stefansgade neighborhood

Over the past 5-7 years, the Stefansgade neighborhood has developed into one of Nørrebro’s most popular areas, where the pulse of the city really beats. There is one delicious cafe after another, while local specialty shops can be found on Jægersborggade. It doesn’t get more local than here.

Assistens Cemetery

If you live in a dormitory in Nørrebro, you know Assistens Cemetery. A number of famous people are buried here, such as Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen, Master Fatman and Natasja Saad, but the entire All year round, the long paths provide the setting for a good walk or a nice get-together. One of the big events in the cemetery is when the Japanese cherry trees sprout in early/mid-April.

Superkilen - worth a walk

Superkilen is a park that connects large parts of Nørrebro with long paved paths. Parks also consists of three seats. 1. The black space, 2. The red square and 3. The green space with super-creative urban development is worth a visit. The purpose of the squares is to celebrate diversity and the many different nationalities in Nørrebro. Sporting events, flea markets, concerts and much more are held in the three squares.

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