Dorms in Frederiksberg

In the center of Copenhagen is the independent municipality of Frederiksberg. Known as the civic capital filled with green spaces, beautiful architecture, and home to 26 dormitories. If you’re looking for a dormitory in Frederiksberg, there are many great options. There are a number of halls of residence around Copenhagen Business School’s campuses. As a member of you can easily find your dormitory options in Frederiksberg.

Facts about Frederiksberg
Number of halls of residence in Frederiksberg: 26
Price level: High
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Educational institutions in Frederiksberg

A selection of halls of residence in Frederiksberg

Popular areas in Frederiksberg

Solbjerg Plads

Located between Copenhagen Business School’s main building, Frederiksberg Centret and Frederiksberg Gymnasium, Solbjerg Plads is full of life and young people.

The square is also surrounded by Frederiksberg Metro station, Falkoner dormitory, cafés and restaurants, making it the perfect place to create great experiences all year round. Falkoner Kollegiet, for example, is located here.

In a nutshell: There’s everything your heart desires.

Frederiksberg Allé/Gl. Kongevej

Frederiksberg Allé and Gammel Kongevej are two of the most well-known streets in Frederiksberg, also known as “the old Frederiksberg”.

Frederiksberg Allé is characterized by the beautiful trees that give the avenue its distinctive look.

Gammel Kongevej runs parallel to Frederiksberg Allé and is characterized by the many shops and cafés all the way to Vesterport in the center of Copenhagen.

Agricultural College/Forum

The agricultural college is surrounded by green spaces and beautiful residential neighborhoods. Celebrities, CEOs and students live here side by side. The agricultural college also has its own dormitory in Frederiksberg.

Forum not only hosts some of the biggest events in Copenhagen, but also has its own metro station, making it easy to get to and from.

H.C. Ørstedsvej and Rosenørns Allé connect the area to the rest of Frederiksberg and also bring together both cafés and restaurants in the area.

Frederiksberg Garden

Who says there are no green spaces in the city? Surrounding Copenhagen Zoo is 31.7 hectares of idyllic nature in the form of Frederiksberg Gardens. Lakes, canals, shrubs and trees provide the setting for many outdoor activities and summer fun in the large garden. The garden also contains the iconic Frederiksberg Castle, which today serves as an officer school and is always pictured looking out over the center of the garden.

Frederiksberg Centret

With awards like “Denmark’s Best Shopping Center” and “Best Nordic Shopping Center”, it goes without saying that Denmark’s most award-winning shopping center is located in the center of Frederiksberg.

Copenhagen Business School

At a number of Frederiksberg’s metro stops (Frederiksberg, Fasanvej, Lindevang and Flintholm) CBS has buildings and campus areas, and therefore the school leaves its own mark on Frederiksberg and the areas around the school.

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