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There are several options for finding a dormitory in Roskilde, where the location of Roskilde University (RUC) means that many students live and travel in Roskilde. That’s why there are so many halls of residence in Roskilde. 

As a member of, you can easily find 19 dorms from Roskilde and dive into their facilities and characteristics. Many student residences in Roskilde are located in the city center and close to the RUC campus. The rent level for student housing and dormitories in Roskilde is on the low end when compared to the rent for student housing in Copenhagen. Most halls of residence in Roskilde have a rent between DKK 2,900-3,500.

Roskilde is a large city with approximately 50,000 inhabitants, located about 35 km from Copenhagen. Direct trains between Roskilde and Copenhagen mean that the distance can be covered in 22-25 minutes. 

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Number of student housing in Roskilde: 19
Price level: Low
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Popular areas in ROSKILDE


Roskilde University is located in the Trekroner area of Roskilde. The area is growing rapidly and has undergone a major transformation over the past few years with many new developments, both private homes and commercial buildings.

The area is also heavily influenced by Roskilde University, which attracts a lot of young people and brings life to the city. With over 8,000 students, the university is Denmark’s 6th largest university and is located just a bit east of Roskilde city center, making a trip into town a breeze.


Roskilde Fjord is a 40 km long fjord that runs deep into the Zealand landscape. In addition to being one of Denmark’s most important breeding grounds for waterfowl, the fjord also consists of over 30 different lakes and islets, all of which contain a rich flora and fauna. 

Roskilde Fjord is not only beautiful, but also culturally and historically important, as in many places you can find traces of past activities from both the Stone Age and the Viking Age.

Of course, you can also use the fjord for swimming in the summer.


Byparken in Roskilde is a cozy place with large sheltering trees that can take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In the center of the park is a restaurant where you can sit down for a bite to eat and a drink. There is also a perfect view of Roskilde Fjord from the park, as well as a small lake with ducks.

The city park is simply the perfect combination of quiet surroundings, great views of the fjord, food options, and a perfect location with a short distance to the city center.


Roskilde Cathedral, with its 21 kings and 18 queens, has become known as the church in the world with the most kings and queens buried. In addition, the church was also added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 due to its stunning architecture. So it’s not just the many royal tombs, but also the beautiful architecture that makes Roskilde Cathedral a truly unique place to visit.


RAGNAROCK is Denmark’s national cultural-historical contemporary museum for pop, rock and youth culture. The museum focuses on the evolution of youth culture and music, and how young people in particular have managed to push boundaries and challenge society through their attitudes, behavior and style. Something they’ve managed to do through music. With its interactive exhibitions, the museum makes the story of this development interesting and exciting, as well as educational.

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