Available youth housing in Frederiksberg

These 225 youth housing unitsare located in Frederiksberg , in a cozy neighborhood.

Location, location, location
Frederiksberg is known for its green profile, exemplified by the tree policy, which states that all citizens should be able to see at least one tree from their property.

These youth homes are no exception. A few hundred meters away is Grøndalsparken, which stretches from Copenhagen’s Northwest neighborhood to Damhussøen. In this elongated park, your walks and runs can take you all around Copenhagen.

By bike or metro from Flintholm Station, you can quickly move towards central Copenhagen and its city life with cafés, bars, restaurants and cultural offerings.

So, it should be easy to meet your cultural and nature needs from the base of these youth residences.

About the homes
The 225 homes have either one or two bedrooms. The two-bedroom apartments allow for two residents to be accommodated. The homes are equipped with a private bathroom and kitchen, making it possible to apply for housing support.

The homes cost between DKK 4,925-8,500 per month. The one-bedroom homes are 25-35 square meters.

The apartments are decorated in a Nordic style with large windows. Each home is equipped with a private balcony, French balcony, (semi)private terrace, or small front garden – depending on the location and size of the home.

There is free access to the common living room, kitchen, laundry room and roof terrace. In addition, there is an outdoor kitchen in the green courtyard environment.

The roofs of the buildings are covered with a roof vegetation called Moss-Sedum, which is intended to collect rainwater and contribute positively to the biodiversity of the area.

Open house
Open houses are held regularly. After the open house, you can reserve the accommodation immediately. Please note that it is a condition for reserving a property that you have attended an open house event. To be considered for one of the youth housing units in the department, you must be between 18-35 years old.

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Available Housing at Nørrebro

These modern and newly renovated dormitory accommodations are located right by Nørrebros Runddel. There are 1-bedroom apartments as well as larger units available, and there is also the option to move in as a couple….


Introductory package

Try 3 days for only 44 DKK.

*Renewed automatically every 14 days for 149 DKK.You can cancel your membership at any time.

Intermediate Package

14 days for 185 DKK

*Auto renewal every 14 dag for 144 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.

The Large Package

4 weeks for 249 DKK

*The membership will renew every 4 weeks for 219 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.