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Product conditions:
The Introduction Package (3-day subscription product) at DKK 44.00: The first three days, or 72 hours, cost DKK 44.00. The membership is renewed with DKK 149.00 every 14 days, if the subscription has not been unsubscribed before.

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This entails that regarding subscription of respectively 3 and 14 days, and 4 weeks, the first transfer takes place upon registration. The subscription period is automatically extended after this with 14 days at DKK 149.00 for the Introduction Package, DKK 144,000 for the Medium Package. The subscription will automatically be renewed every 14 days, if you have not unsubscribed. Subscription period for The Big Package will automatically be renewed every 4 weeks for DKK 219.00 until the membership is canceled when purchasing The Big Package until the membership is canceled.

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About Kbh-Kollegier.dk
Kbh-Kollegier.dk is the ultimate guide to dorms and student accommodations in and near Copenhagen. The website brings together 280 dorms in one place to make the search easier. A search system makes it easy to find the those dorms that match your housing needs and to find the dorms you are entitled to apply to based on your field of study. Kbh-Kollegier.dk collaborates with a number of dorms to announce vacant rooms and application deadlines. However, Kbh-Kollegier.dk does not operate or administrate the actual allocation of housing. You can therefore not apply for housing through Kbh-Kollegier.dk. Instead, we act as a guide which provides you with the best conditions for finding housing in a complex market. This is achieved by informing you about application options to vacant dorm housing, application deadlines, application process etc.

When we write about available rooms / apartments, we refer to pages away from Kbh-Kollegier.dk. At Kbh-Kollegier.dk we collect all the available dorms and student housing and application deadlines from the web. We do this to give you the best overview so that you can save time. We link to the application site where you can find more information and apply to the dorm directly. Thus, we do not manage any dorms or student accommodation options or the rental of these.

Definition of Dorms
Dorms were originally a community of students living side by side, sharing common facilities with each other. It could be shared bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc. There are still many dorms that are reminiscent of the original dorms. However, there are and will be several dorms where the residents have their own bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Dorms with own bathroom and/or kitchen  are often times called “student apartments”. Conversely, there are also many student apartments and 1 room-flats that that are called “dorms” because they have common facilities that invite to an active social life among its residents. These student apartments work on an equal term with dorms in Copenhagen. There are also many youth housing units that are only reserved for students and that could also be characterized as a dorm based on the above designation.

The original definitions of dorms, student housing, and youth housing are used at random today and the meaning of these terms have weaved together. At Kbh-Kollegier.dk, we include student houses in Copenhagen reserved for students, regardless of whether the owner has control over the definitions of a dorm or student housing. Most housing units today are one and the same – A collegial community for students. By accepting our terms of use, you accept our definitions of the term studio housing, student accommodations, youth housing and dorms.

Right of cancellation:
Your right of cancellation within 14 days is eligible to your purchase of subscription. However, you can only regret if you have not used your subscription within the first 14 days. If you wish to exercise the right of cancellation, you must log off the website immediately after purchase, and not log in again. Then you must contact customer service (mail@kbh-kollegier.dk) and inform that you have regretted your purchase. Since you have entered into an agreement of a subscription, the right of cancellation exists only at the conclusion of the agreement, and not in connection with the running payment. It’s the user’s own responsibility to cancel / unsubscribe from the subscription. You can contact customer service by e-mail via mail@kbh-kollegier.dk. We cannot be reached by phone.

In general:
Kbh-Kollegier.dk reserves the right to update our terms of use, including personal data policy and cookies, on an ongoing basis, if needed.

You can download the terms of use in PDF format here.

These conditions were last updated on April 12th, 2024