Get the most out of dorm life at Umeus Nordhavn

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Welcome to Umeus Nordhavn – a modern dorm with luxurious apartments and shared facilities such as fitness room on the premises and shared rooftop terrace! With its beautiful harbor front, Nordhavn is a unique location where you are close to both the city and nature, and restaurants and year-round bathing and even sauna facilities are available close to the dorm. 

The Ideal Study Environment

Umeus Nordhavn is tailored to meet the needs of modern students. With a variety of different housing types and floor plans, there are solutions for those who prefer to live alone as well as for those who prefer to live together as a couple, which is possible in the larger studios.

The studios in Umeus Nordhavn range from 17 to 35 square meters and have a rent starting from 6,900 DKK/month. 84 studios even have their own kitchen facilities. You can read more about the different types of studios on the dormitory’s own page here.

All apartments are fully furnished and ready for move-in, so you can focus on what really matters – your studies and your social life. There is, of course, the opportunity to customize your accommodation to fit you just right, including flexible furnishing options such as movable shelves. At Umeus Nordhavn, you even have your own bathroom and kitchenette or own full kitchen, in addition to access to the dorm’s study hall, loungearea, communal kitchens – and fitness center and rooftop terrace!

Fitness and Community

At Umeus Nordhavn, it becomes easier to balance your student life, so you can both attend to your studies in the dormitory’s modern study hall and engage in your leisure activities such as exercise. At Umeus Nordhavn, you’ll find a wide range of training equipment, whether you prefer strength training, cardio, or yoga. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the dormitory to get your daily dose of exercise!

Studieboliger i Nordhavn med eget fitness

At Umeus Nordhavn, you live close to both water and city. Plus, you have everything from a study hall to fitness right at the dorm!

The Social Dorm Life

At Umeus Nordhavn, community is highly valued. With regular events and activities, there’s always an opportunity to meet new people and participate in the social dorm life. Train with your dorm mates in the ground-floor fitness center, join cozy gatherings in the café area, or host a communal dinner in the shared kitchen! Dormitory life isn’t just about living under the same roof; it’s about sharing experiences and being a support for each other.

Apply now and become part of the community

Are you dreaming of a dormitory environment that combines modern amenities with an active social life? Then apply to Umeus Nordhavn! With available housing and a simple application process, your new home is just a few clicks away. Be part of the inclusive environment where students from all backgrounds and fields of study are welcome.

And don’t forget to follow UMEUS Nordhavn on Instagram @umeus_living for the latest updates and exciting news! 

We refer to a page outside of You can follow the link to the application site, where you can find more information and apply directly to the dormitory.

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Available Housing at Nørrebro

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Introductory package

Try 3 days for only 44 DKK.

*Renewed automatically every 14 days for 149 DKK.You can cancel your membership at any time.

Intermediate Package

14 days for 185 DKK

*Auto renewal every 14 dag for 144 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.

The Large Package

4 weeks for 249 DKK

*The membership will renew every 4 weeks for 219 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.