Dorm rooms in Frederiksberg

In Frederiksberg’s green urban area, there is a dorm located at Falkoner Allé and Godthåbsvej with an international atmosphere. The dorm is perfect for those who want to live in the city close to culture, green urban areas and restaurants.

Until now, it has exclusively been intended for international students enrolled at CBS, but recently, it has opened up to Danish students pursuing an education eligible for SU (Student Grant).

There is a great opportunity to form international friendships with students who share the same interests as you. The dorm  priorititises students from business schools and universities.

In the dorm’s five kitchens, there is an opportunity to cook and have communal meals, which is a great occasion to taste food from all over the world, prepared by international fellow students.

The dorm rooms
Some of the rooms are furnished, while others are not. The furnished category includes: bed, bedside table, bedding, dining/work table, chairs, lamps, and kitchen utensils. The unfurnished rooms have a wardrobe and a functional kitchen.

For most rooms, the bathroom and toilet are shared between two rooms, while a few rooms have their own bathroom.

Available Rooms
The dorm has a total of 62 rooms, and in the near future, more rooms will be ready for occupancy.
The cheapest accommodation has a rent of 6,300 DKK/month.

By clicking the link below, you can learn more about how to secure a spot in this Frederiksberg dorm.

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Available Housing at Nørrebro

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Introductory package

Try 3 days for only 44 DKK.

*Renewed automatically every 14 days for 149 DKK.You can cancel your membership at any time.

Intermediate Package

14 days for 185 DKK

*Auto renewal every 14 dag for 144 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.

The Large Package

4 weeks for 249 DKK

*The membership will renew every 4 weeks for 219 DKKYou can cancel your membership at any time.