New student accommodations in Nørrebro

These new student accommodations in Nørrebro are now welcoming residents!

The Apartments
The student apartments are all new and modern, build using sustainable container-solutions. 
Here you will have your very own room with your own kitchenette, and a shared hallway and bathroom with 1 other person.
There are several facilities that the residents share with each other, including community spaces and kitchens, as well as laundry facilities. 

The rent is 5.278 kroner per month plus subsidies for heat of 155 kroner per month. 

As a welcoming offer there is a discount of 500 kroner per month until September 1st.
Also the deposit is down by 50% in the same period.

These modern student apartments are located in central Nørrebro, a popular area of Copenhagen with its many cafées, shops, restaurants, theatres and cultural events. 

You will only be short bike ride from central Copenhagen and the accommodations are also close to a metro station and several busses. 

You can apply through an application form which can be found at the housing-administrator´s webpage. 

This housing-administrator prioritises making a diverse co-living environment and a part of the application process is posting a motivational letter. 

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We link to a page separate from kbh-kollegier.dk. At kbh-kollegier.dk we share information about available student houses in Copenhagen and booking deadlines collected online. We do this to give you the best overview and save you time. We link you to the application page, where you will find more information.

New student accommodations in the popular Copenhagen-area of Nørrebro

This is a press photo of a previous build.

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Prøv 3 dage for kun 42 kr.

*Fornyes automatisk hver 14 dag af 139 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.


14 dage for 169 kr.

*Fornyes automatisk hver 14 dag af 134 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.

Den store pakke

4 uger for 199 kr.

*Fornyes hver 4. uge til 179 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.