Advertising is a website for paying members. This means that some of our content is publicly accessible, while our full listings, search tool, and direct links to specific dormitories are reserved for paying members. However, we offer dormitories looking to reach all our visitors the opportunity to use our advertorial offer for advertising.

There are several options for advertising on

  • Advertorial with highlighting on the front page, available housing, 12 districts such as Nørrebro, and all other available housing pages for 30 days – DKK 8,500 excluding VAT (approximately EUR 1,140).
  • Advertorial on our English pages, which rank high on Google. 30 days for DKK 4,000 excluding VAT (approximately EUR 530).
  • Promotion on our Facebook page and Instagram with +14,700 followers – DKK 4,000 excluding VAT (approximately EUR 530) per post.
  • Promotion via the newsletter with +5,000 recipients – DKK 2,000 excluding VAT (approximately EUR 265) per feature.

If you would like to know more about prices, advertising periods, etc., you can contact us at or call 31757254.

Note: These are indicative prices, and they are higher in August/September, which is the high season and often has double the traffic compared to a regular month.

Add your dormitory or student housing

It is free to be listed on’s list of dormitories. The only requirement is that the accommodation is for students. If you send a description of the accommodation with the following to

  • Name of the dormitory/student housing
  • Number of units/rooms
  • Rent (including or excluding utilities)
  • Deposit and down payment
  • Description/list of shared facilities
  • Any requirements for applicants (age, education, income, etc.).
  • Address
  • Pictures of the dormitory or student housing

We will ensure that the dormitory is published and accessible to our members. If you want to know more about, see here.

Data on

In 2022, we had over 200,000 visitors, equivalent to approximately 16,700 visitors per month. Of these, about 20% are returning visitors. Among the visitors, 90% are Danish users, while the remaining 10% are distributed among 4% from the Nordic countries, 1% from the USA, and 1% from Germany. Our site has paying members who have access to the entire site, the search tool, as well as all dormitories and their associated links. With over 37,500 monthly page views, if you choose to advertise, you can reach a broad audience of housing-seeking students.

Leading on Google

In the past 12 months (May 2023), we have received 126,000 visitors from our organic placements on Google, based on +300 keywords ranking in the top 3 on Google.

Here is a selection of our organic rankings:

  • No. 1 on “Kollegie København” (2,400 monthly searches)
  • No. 1 on “Kollegier København” (2,700)
  • No. 2 on “Studiebolig København” (2,400)
  • No. 2 on “Kollegie” (1,500)
  • No. 2 on “Ungdomsboliger København” (800)
  • No. 1 on “Kollegium København” (200)
  • No. 1 on “Kollegier i København”
  • No. 3 on “Studieboliger København” (1,800)
  • No. 2 on “Kollegie Amager” (100)
  • No. 3 on “Studiebolig Lyngby” (150)
Data on Newsletter and SoMe sends out 1-3 newsletters weekly featuring 1-2 dormitories that have available housing and are seeking new residents or have upcoming application deadlines. The newsletter has over 5,000 subscribers with an average opening rate of 20-30%. With a paid feature in the newsletter, traffic is directed directly to the specific dormitory on a chosen landing page.

Kbh-kollegier also maintains a Facebook page and an Instagram profile where 2-3 posts and stories are shared weekly, featuring dormitories in search of new residents. The Facebook page has a monthly reach of 14,200 users, while the Instagram profile reaches 1,200 users monthly.

Advertisement Case - Nido Bryggen

Before the launch of Nido Bryggen, the collaboration began. We started with a post at the top of our homepage that teased the building, apartments, and facilities, along with a direct link to the website with the option for a 360-degree virtual tour and a waiting list. When the housing construction was opened, the collaboration was renewed, and the dormitory remained among the top posts on the homepage. Texts and images were regularly updated on all pages to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, there were links to specific landing pages at Nido, accessible to all website visitors.

Newsletter: Throughout the collaboration, we featured Nido Bryggen in all of our weekly newsletters. These newsletters were opened over 4,500 times and led to our posts about Nido Bryggen with accompanying links to Nido Bryggen’s booking site, visible to all visitors.

Social Media: As part of the collaboration, organic posts were shared on Facebook and Instagram from the respective profiles of These posts included multiple images and descriptions of the building, with a link to where all information could be accessed.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us via email at:

Contact in case of interest

If you wish to advertise on, please get in touch with the media agency, Berthu & Co. They can assist you in achieving the best visibility on and also help with everything from campaign strategy, LinkedIn marketing, analytics & insights, to the need for an SEO consultant. This applies whether you choose to use the advertising options on or not. Additionally, we work with websites, having developed sites for entities such as Hus Forbi and

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