We’ve compiled the top five tips to boost your student accommodation search.

Try them out for yourself and increase your chances of getting student accommodation or a dorm room!


Are you tired of being number 2,896 on the waiting list for a dorm? Then you should apply with motivation!

There are at least 46 halls of residence in the Copenhagen area that accept motivated applications. A motivated application should be seen as a golden opportunity, as it allows you as a student to have a say in whether you are allocated a dorm room. In the motivated application, you get the chance to explain why YOU belong and deserve to be allocated a room in the given dormitory. A good cover letter can secure you a home within a short period of time, or place you high on the internal waiting list for upcoming vacancies.
If you write a good cover letter, you can often get in quickly!

What is a cover letter and how do you write one? Click here to read more about what makes a good cover letter.


Did you know that there are over 275 halls of residence in Copenhagen and the surrounding area? No, right?

Many dormitories are private/independent and don’t spend time and effort on marketing. You won’t find these dormitories on the big portals because they handle the application process and admissions themselves, bypassing the big management companies. This means that not many people know about these dorms.

Here on the portal, we have gathered 69 independent halls of residence. What’s particularly attractive about independent student halls of residence is that the low level of awareness often means that the competition to get in is not as fierce as with the large management companies.


It may be easy to say, but many people are surprised by how close the distances are between the different parts of Copenhagen. Many people may move to Copenhagen with the idea of living in the inner city, Frederiksberg or Nørrebro, but are surprised by how close the districts are to each other – both by bike and public transportation. This is not least due to the S-trains and metro, which quickly take you from the suburbs to the center of Copenhagen.

For example, did you know that it only takes 9 minutes by metro from Vanløse to Nørreport Station in central Copenhagen?

Below you can read about some of the districts in Copenhagen and the dormitory market in each district – perhaps you can reconsider if one of these areas might still be suitable for you?

On our front page you can also see if there is a available dormitory in the area you are looking at.

4. investigate subletting

Sublets are rooms that are rented out by current residents. It may be that the roommate in question is going on an exchange and wants to sublet their room for a certain period of time. Subletting is a great way to avoid waiting and get a dorm room right away. After the sublease period, it can give you the advantage of having lived in the dormitory, as you now know everything about applying and being admitted to the dormitory in question. For example, it will make it much easier for you to write a motivated cover letter.

We are constantly on the lookout for new subletting opportunities, but we also receive a number of inquiries from residents who want to sublet their rooms through us. All sublease opportunities are posted as news on the front page, so you’re always up to date on the latest available properties, whether it’s rent or sublease.


The student accommodation market is full of pitfalls and the places that are easy to get into are often the most expensive. The big portals are far from listing all the student accommodation options on the market, and usually only the big and expensive ones. But there are little gems hiding around every corner that few people know about.

Many may need a helping hand to get an overview of the market and the cumbersome application rules that often vary from one dorm to another. That’s why we currently offer an overview of more than 280 halls of residence in Copenhagen with the option to sort the halls of residence according to your preferences and the study program you are attending, so you only see the ones you can actually apply for only 42 kr. for 3 days – without any commitment. In fact, we’re happy to show you how easy it is to unsubscribe just here.

If you don’t need more than 3 days, feel free to cancel before then! But if you have a hard time figuring out the entire market in 3 days, feel free to stay a little longer 🙂

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