Student apartments in Østerbro

These modern student apartments in Østerbro can be booked furnished. 

The Apartments
The student apartments are all modern, with a living space, kitchenette and bathroom. 

The apartments come from 26 square metres and price of renting is from 7.000 kroner per month. 

Larger apartments can also be booked if you wish to live with friends. These larger apartments have a full kitchen and seperate rooms. If you are an exhange student, these apartments could be just right, as they are furnished and ready to move into. 

The student apartments are located in Østerbro, a cosy and quiet area of Copenhagen, loved by families and young people alike. 
Østerbro is especially known for its many cafées and shops but also from being the home of the national soccer stadium and the large green park of Fælledparken, where the citizens can go for a run, take a walk with a to-go coffee or attend the annual political festival at the first of May. 

The apartments are a short bike ride from central Copenhagen and there is also a metro station and busses close by. 

You can apply through the housing-administrator’s webpage or, if you study at DTU; through the university. 

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Student apartments in Østerbro

Available student accommodations
and studio APARTMENTS in copenhagen

(members only) 


Prøv 3 dage for kun 44 kr.

*Fornyes automatisk hver 14 dag af 149 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.


14 dage for 185 kr.

*Fornyes automatisk hver 14 dag af 144 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.

Den store pakke

4 uger for 249 kr.

*Fornyes hver 4. uge til 219 kr.Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dit medlemsskab.